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I'm David Kim, a Master student in Computer Science at Cornell University, and a researcher in the EmPRISE lab, working with assistive robots.

In my free time, I love playing board games, practicing jazz piano, and biking around the campus. I'm also actively involved with my church (KCC). Whenever I get a chance, I try to travel around the United States to meet up with friends.


Aug 2018
Began attending Cornell University
  • B.S. in Computer Science
  • B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
May 2019
Joined Suh Research Group as a research assistant for secure convolutional neural nets
Sep 2019
Joined Cornell Data Science, a competitive CS project team
  • Data Engineering Subteam lead in 2021
May 2020
Started summer internship at Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company
Jan 2021
Began spring co-op at Amazon Robotics, tinkering with embedded stuff
Jun 2021
Ran simulations for a summer internship at Amazon as an SDE intern for Last Mile Planning
Aug 2021
Started research for building robots to improve the lives of people with disabilities at EmPRISE Lab

Relevant Courses

CS 4820
Introduction to Algorithms (Java)
CS 3110
Functional Programming (OCaml)
CS 2110
Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures (Java)
CS 4750
Foundations of Robotics (ROS)
CS 4780
Machine Learning (scikit-learn, pytorch)
INFO 3300
Data-Driven Web Applications (d3.js)
INFO 2300
Intermediate Web Design (PHP, MySQL)
ECE 4750
Computer Architecture (Verilog, PyMTL)
ECE 3140
Embedded Systems (C, assembly)
ECE 5725
Embedded Operating Systems (Raspberry Pi, Python)
ECE 4960
Fast Robots (Arduino)
ECE 3030
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
PHYS 1116
Honors Mechanics and Special Relativity



Java • Python • JavaScript • PHP • OCaml • SQL • C/C++ • CSS


Git • Linux • Bash • Docker • Node • React • ROS


Web Development • Communication • Leadership • Teaching • Board Game Mastermind


806 E State St. Apt 2
Ithaca, NY 14850


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jk2537 (at) cornell (dot) edu

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